Evelyn Started Pre-K

Well, I am officially a mom of a school-aged kid. Wow – that is REAL!

Last Wednesday, Chad, Lilly, and I drove our sweet Evelyn to school for her first day of pre-K. She has been talking this all summer, ready to meet new friends, eat lunch, wear a backpack, play the playground – all with excited anticipation. Well, the little bird did great – it was time to soar. The morning started with a new outfit, hair and bow, and breakfast made expertly by Daddy. We snapped a few pics and in the car we went. At the pre-school, the parking lot was a buzz. We strapped our little Ev into her giant Minnie Mouse backpack and, of course, took some more pictures outside the school.

At arrival to her classroom, Evelyn was confident but quiet, taking in all the noise and movement. She was lovingly greeted by her teacher with a hug and whisked to take off her backpack. She said, “bye,” gave Chad and me a quick kiss, and scampered off to an activity table. And, it was done. The little bird took flight.

There is a gratifying moment when your child moves into a new chapter of life. It can be scary and strange, but it can also be a defining moment to all the moments leading to that transition. We talked pre-K all summer. We included her in the shopping and prepping. We played and discussed all the things she would encounter in the classroom. We met her teacher this summer (and Ev hugged her too!). All the lead up to that first day was prep for that first day. And she walked into that class ready to take it on – happy heart and happy disposition.

Go get ’em, Evelyn! Shine!